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Astrotech s.r.l. - the Astreya's dealer in Italy.

MPI-Astronomy - To facilitate a more efficient export-import operation to the North American region, we have agreed to distribute our products through MPI-Astronomy.   We believe this arrangement will make it much easier for our customers to enjoy our products.

SUPERAPO_refractors - this group will pertain to the users or people considering purchasing the Superapo's 4 lens system 152mm and the 130mm Russian made telescopes, lens cell. Also included is Astreya's new 102mm and 76mm apo's. All information about the lens, types of mounts ect are welcome.

Greg Hartke's Photo Galleries - Astro Images by Greg Hartke


Here we place links on sites or homepages of our partners and friends, whose activity is connected with astronomy optics and equipment.

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